Indian hockey frontman Mariana Kujur is looking forward to making an appearance at the 2022 Asia Cup

Indian hockey forward Mariana Kujur will be part of the upcoming 2022 Asian Women’s Cup. She believes this is a good opportunity to start her career on the senior women’s team. The boy, from Odisha, expressed his excitement and is looking forward to having a good tour before making the big ticket. Mariana Kujur is … Read more

Ksenia Efremova: 12-year-old tennis player has ‘wonderful potential,’ says Patrick Mouratoglou

One afternoon while her older brother was practicing on the tennis court, Efremova picked up one of her rackets – as usual – and began to play a basketball. “He started throwing balls to himself,” Julia Efremova, a former professional tennis player, told CNN. “I looked at it and I was amazed because all the … Read more